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About our school

Gymnasium Landau an der Isar is one of the two state-run secondary grammar schools in the Dingolfing-Landau district of Lower Bavaria. In the Bavarian school system a “Gymnasium” is the type of secondary school that focuses on academic learning and preparing students for post-secondary education, most notably university. It is comparable to British grammar schools. Currently our school has about 980 students.

We offer our students two educational branches: the scientific-technological branch and the language branch. The former focuses on sciences, the latter on languages. All our students are required to learn at least two foreign languages: first English, then Latin or French. In the language branch students can also choose Spanish.

In years 11 and 12 students are prepared for higher education. At the end of year 12 students take the Abitur exams in five subjects. In Germany, “Abitur” is the general university entrance qualification, similar to A-levels or Advanced Highers.

As our school has a strong interest in developing modern teaching methods, we have introduced special classes, like the notebook class in the 1990s or recently an i-pad class, and have computer science lessons in all years. But not only modern media are of interest. All our students can choose from a broad range of additional courses and clubs, like choir, orchestra, various sports, drama, intercultural learning, chess etc. There is even an FC Bayern-Munich football fan club that organises trips to matches in Munich.

Most of our students have afternoon lessons on one or two days a week, Monday to Friday. Lunch is available in our canteen. But Gymnasium Landau also is an “open all-day school”, which means that full-time care for a number of students can be provided, including lunch, homework time and additional activities.

Generally, our school encourages and supports students to make intercultural experiences. We have regular exchange programmes with schools in the Czech Republic, France, Italy, Australia and even India. But not only our own interest in other cultures is a reason why we have these connections: Landau an der Isar is a picturesque Bavarian small town of about 13,000 inhabitants in the heart of Lower Bavaria, the part of the country where old traditions are still very much alive. Sights like the “growing rock”, the temporary exhibitions in the town museum or the archeological museum are worth a visit, as well as the traditional Volksfest that takes place every summer.

But first and foremost, the location of our town seems to be quite attractive to other schools. The Bavarian Forest National Park is within eyeshot and very popular among hikers. Not far away are Regensburg and the “Three-Rivers-City” Passau, two cities with famous historic city centres. Bavaria’s well-known capital Munich is only an hour and a half away, which is why many of us go there for shopping and cultural life every once in a while. Landau is also rather close to the border of Austria and the Czech Republic, so it is not uncommon for Landauers to go on day trips to these neighbouring countries.

In 2017 Gymnasium Landau an der Isar celebrated its 50th anniversary. Since its foundation our school has come a long way, always keeping up a good standard of education for our students, evolving to meet the needs of different generations and trying to give life to our school programme with its title “Miteinander” (= together / cooperation).

Cornelia Feldkamp, OStDin
Head Teacher
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Gymnasium Landau an der Isar